Disaster Preparedness

California and the U.S. continue to see new and more extreme natural disasters related to our changing climate. Bonnie wants to ensure San Diego County is prepared to respond to these threats, whether fire, flood, or hurricane.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence continues to be a significant problem in San Diego.  Bonnie served on the City Attorney’s steering committee to develop a Regional Family Justice System, which provides a one-stop-shop of services for victims and wants to create a County program that serves every region.


Bonnie wants to establish San Diego County as a leader in addressing global climate change and work with the City of San Diego to implement the goals of the Climate Action Plan. We can no longer ignore the impact climate change is having on our communities.


San Diego’s homeless problem needs to be the #1 priority of the County. Addressing mental health, veterans suffering from PTSD, job training, and affordable housing are all critical to solving this problem.

Mental Health

San Diego County needs to do more to address our mental health crisis.  We have the resources and Bonnie will work to help those suffering get the care they need and deserve so they can be a productive part of our community.

Public Safety

As District Attorney for 15 years, and a judge, Bonnie helped make San Diego one of the safest cities in America, with crime down to a 47-year low on her watch. She will work closely with local law enforcement to continue to keep our communities safe.

Roads and Infrastructure

San Diego has some of the worst roads of any big city in America. Progress is being made but it is not enough.  Solid infrastructure is critical to our quality of life and growing our economy.

Substance Abuse

San Diego’s substance abuse problems are increasing at an alarming rate. In 2016, San Diego had the highest number of drug-related deaths in more than 20 years, with 240 people dying from methamphetamine overdose alone. The opioid epidemic is exploding and we must provide more treatment options.

Working Families

Affordable housing, wage disparities, high taxes, fuel prices and the cost of living are all making it harder for working families to make ends meet. Bonnie will work to reduce these burdens and help working people move up the economic ladder.


It is shameful that we allow our veterans to live on the street and suffer in silence from PTSD and other effects related to their service. San Diego is the largest military town in America and we owe it to our veterans to provide the care they deserve in risking their lives to protect our way of life.