Hair Rules

Tips to grow hair with the right diet

If you are noticing a severe hair fall or hair damage, if yes what are the steps you are taking to stop them? In case, if you are preferring those synthetic hair products to improve your hair growth sorry to say it is almost useless. Because more than the things you are providing out the…

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Benefits of honey for natural hair

Honey is one of those naturally available magical things through in-taking the honey you can improve your immunity level and also they provide effective results on both weight loss and gain weight. Everyone knows about the health benefits of taking the honey but do you know this honey can also help your hair, if not…

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Tips to do split hair color

This generation of girls has more guts to try new things, especially on their hair. Coloring the hair is one of those trending things these days, so many of them are trying it on their hairs. It is okay to try one color but now there is a trend on having split hair color. If…

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Tips for straightening natural hair

Having straight hair is a dream for so many peoples out there because straight hair goes with any kind of outfit. Generally, you can able to straighten your hair in two ways they are naturally and with help of the hair applicators. It may be any method but you have to take them so carefully…

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