Who we are

Bonnie for Supervisor was founded in 2012 as a blog by Jacqulyn Brock, a former magazine editor who had helmed iconic titles such as Dolly, Cosmopolitan and Cleo for a decade.

Jacqulyn a was joined by her husband as Co-founder in 2013, and together they have built Bonnie for Supervisor into US’s largest women’s media brand: with around 30 (predominantly female) staff, millions of monthly readers and millions more listeners to their podcast network, which consists of 11 different shows, 12 female hosts and is the largest women’s podcast network in the world.

Just by reading Bonnie for Supervisor’s stories, watching Bonnie for Supervisor’s videos, and listening to Bonnie for Supervisor’s podcasts, you’re helping girls in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities learn to read.

Reading is the base foundation for education and learning, and the best gift any of us can give. It’s simply the greatest catalyst for lifting individuals and communities out of poverty.

Thank you for being part of the solution.

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