Dumanis Whole Person Wellness Initiative

Whole Person Wellness Initiative

A Regional, Comprehensive Mental Health Approach

  • Build on what we have and striving for excellence
  • Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) are usually first responders to mental health calls -  SDPD receives 18-19,000 mental health calls a year and 1/3 of County jail population has mental health issues.
  • Treatment of mentally impaired, homeless and substance abusers is left to LEOs because no system in place to deal with these issues
  • Law Enforcement regionally has a history of collaboration together like no other nationwide - lowest crime rate in decades
  • Innovative approaches to all of these issues initiated by LE and Courts
  • We can do more to identify and work with the community on these issues as a shared responsibility
  • We need to fill gaps and make a more efficient integrated systems breaking down the silos with all involved stakeholders

Mental health concept - Working for excellence

  • Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) without risking safety for a compassionate approach
  • Goal: each patrol officer receives 40 hours of training dealing with mental health to:
    • Identify
    • De-escalate
    • Evaluate
  • Short term - train the trainer for command personnel and dispatchers (16 hours)
  • Increase number of PERT teams
  • CIT training for all justice partners

Urgent Mental Health Centers

  • Find/develop facilities located across the county for LEOs to drop off individuals with no criminal charges to be diagnosed and linked to appropriate treatment within 24hrsDivert the individual from justice system

·      Allows the officer to go back on patrol

·      CMH for 72 hr  mental health (5150) hold with a potential extension for connecting with appropriate treatment

Divert Mentally Ill from justice system when safely possible

·      Identify all the intercepts where the mentally ill low level offender is arrested with various other options for treatment in jail or the community in lieu of jail