Easy ways to make your man propose

You and your boyfriend dating for a long time and you know that he loves you but not proposing to you. It is one of those frustrating things ever for a girl because when a girl started to like someone they cannot wait so long. If you belong to such a category then you have to take steps to get him to propose to you in an undoubtful way.

want to get marriedAs you think it is not that difficult task anymore, still to help you out here are the ways to tell your boyfriend you want to get married,

Make him understandable your presence

When you some him more than anything without conveying it to them they couldn’t able to understand especially girl’s feeling. So better try to show them their importance in your life and your importance in their life whenever you get a chance. That makes them feel you are the one for who he waited for.

Spend more time

No matter how busy you are try to spend some extra time with him. Because the time you are spending for them makes him understand your priority for him. While you are together show them you are comfortable and feeling secure when you are with him that makes him love you more.

Show you have options

Sometimes, not because of lethargy he may get afraid of conveying to you about his love that is in the fear of losing you. Here you have to stimulate by showing that you have other options that open up as soon as possible. These are the psychological tricks to make him propose so try them and make him convey his love to you.