Dumanis Calls for Investigation of County Child Services

(San Diego, Calif.) – Today, Judge Bonnie Dumanis responded to media reports of shocking abuse of children in protective services’ care, asking for an investigation of the County system.

“One of government’s most critical responsibilities is to protect the weakest among us – and the County appears to have failed miserably in this case.

“If true, these allegations highlight a shocking breakdown of the system and there must be accountability and reform to the system.  As the Union-Tribune article rightly points out, when the County takes a child, it assumes responsibility for protecting them from harm.

“County service providers ignored repeated red flags and we need to know exactly where the breakdowns in the system occurred and fix them immediately.  I have reached out to Supervisor Ron Roberts and have spoken to a representative of the Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council.  I am asking them to conduct an investigation into these allegations, as well as, help identify areas for reform."


Jason Roe