Former Democratic Congresswoman Lynn Schenk Endorses Dumanis for Supervisor

(San Diego, Calif.) – Former San Diego Democratic Congresswoman Lynn Schenk has announced her endorsement of Judge Bonnie Dumanis for County Board of Supervisors. 

"Bonnie Dumanis has been a trailblazer for women her entire career," said Schenk. "She's fought the challenges of discrimination as she worked her way up from junior clerk typist to Deputy DA, to judge, the first openly gay District Attorney in the nation, and the first woman DA in San Diego. She hasn't just talked the talk, she's walked the walk in the battle for equality and I'm proud to support her." 

Lynn Schenk was the San Diego Women's Hall of Fame 2012 Trailblazer Inductee for her work for justice and equality for women. In 1992, she was elected to Congress in what was called "The Year of the Woman," after a career that saw her challenge the status quo in an era of tremendous change. Before that she served as California Secretary of Business, Transportation & Housing in the cabinet of Governor Jerry Brown and later as Chief of Staff to Governor Gray Davis.

Schenk’s values are Democratic values, looking out for working women and men, which were demonstrated during her tenure on the San Diego Port Commission, in state government, and in Congress. 

“Bonnie's values are not shaped by political expediency, they are shaped by her life experience," continued Schenk. “I have known Bonnie for over 35 years as a lawyer, a judge, as District Attorney, but above all as a friend." 

Judge Bonnie Dumanis grew up in a working class family in a tough town south of Boston. Her father was a truck driver for more than 25 years and a proud Teamster, while her mother ran the government's WIC (Women Children and Infants) program, which provides support to low income families. Bonnie put herself through college and law school while working as a junior clerk typist. Facing institutionalized discrimination at a less tolerant time, she became a prosecutor, judge and was the first openly gay elected prosecutor in America. During her 15 years as District Attorney she helped make San Diego one of the safest big cities in America with crime at a 47-year low when she retired.

Mike Foster