DA Dumanis looks back on 14 years in office, prepares to step down

Looking back on more than 14 years as the county’s top prosecutor, Bonnie Dumanis remembered what it was like at the very beginning, when after a contentious election, she walked into the executive offices at the downtown Hall of Justice.

There was a gathering on the 13th floor to celebrate her victory, and the staff members lined up to say hello and take pictures.

Today, Dumanis walks out of the office for the last time as San Diego County district attorney. She expects a scene that in some ways mirrors that first one — this time with colleagues, friends and members of the local public safety community looking on.

The “walk-out” ceremony is a ritual usually reserved for police chiefs and other top law enforcement brass, but Dumanis thought it fitting as she steps down from the post she’s held since January 2003. Read the full article here.

Mike Foster